Vintage Computing


In the early eighties I owned an Apple II computer. After I bought an IBM-AT compatable computer mid eighties, I sold the Apple II and never looked at it again. But in October this year in a nostalgic moot, I bought an Apple IIe.

Having sold all my disks together with the computer, I was happy to see the online software archives available now, where I can find all kinds of software I once owned. I never guest the scene of Apple II enthusiasts is so big, and so many software is still going around after all those years.

When looking for options to get the software on the Apple II, I saw several pieces of hardware developed over time. But the floppy-emu, was the only one currently available for shipping. So I bought 2 of them and I can use them as two drives like I had in the past.

Now I’m able to run UCSD Pascal from two drives, not needing to swap floppies for compiling. But there is still a problem. Although I was fluid in UCSD Pascal in the eighties, this is not the case anymore in 2020 it seems. All those thousands of lines of code I wrote back then, seem to be far, far away.