Using XRDP to allow windows RDP to connect to Ubuntu 22.04.

You can use XRDP to connect to a linux session from Windows RDP.

One remark though: You cannot be logged on in a session on the machine, and simultaniously login via RDP. If you do so, you will find your RDP session closses, after entering the correct password. So if this happens, make sure the RDP user is not logged on to the system the traditional way.

On ubuntu install and configure:

sudo apt install xrdp
Installs the xrdp package.

sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert  
Make sure the xrdp user will allow SSL (and has access to the certificate)

sudo systemctl restart xrdp
Restart the service to activate the changes.

Query status of xrdp:
sudo systemctl status xrdp

xrdp configudation
The Xrdp configuration files are located in the /etc/xrdp directory. For basic Xrdp connections, you do not need to make any changes to the configuration files. Xrdp uses the default X Window desktop environment (Gnome or XFCE). The main configuration file is named xrdp.ini . This file is divided into sections and allows you to set global configuration settings such as security and listening addresses and create different xrdp login sessions.

Configuring Firewall

The Xrdp daemon listens on port 3389 on all interfaces. If you run a firewall on your Ubuntu server , you’ll need to open the Xrdp port. To allow access to the Xrdp server from a specific IP address or IP range, for example,, you would run the following command:

sudo ufw allow from to any port 3389

If you want to allow access from anywhere open up the port without restriction by running:

sudo ufw allow 3389